Conversation with artist and curator Ezra Johnson

December 27, 2017/by Frances Trombly

Linda Lopez featured in Artsy

December 17, 2017/by Frances Trombly
William Pachner. Interior WP36, 1967

Painter William Pachner, ‘Esquire’ Illustrator and Famous Portraitist of Franklin Roosevelt, Dies at 102

November 27, 2017/by Frances Trombly
Andrew Casto, Assemblage 129, 2017

Linda Lopez, Andrew Casto, and David Hicks in Vigorous Form

November 17, 2017/by Fulano
David Hicks: Clippings and Hard Fruit

Andrew Casto, Linda Lopez and David Hicks in Architectural Digest

November 17, 2017/by Frances Trombly
Andrew Casto, Assemblage 152, 2017

The New Zeitgeist of Contemporary Ceramics

November 13, 2017/by Frances Trombly

David Hicks and Kate MacDowell in Everson Museum of Art Exhibition

November 11, 2017/by Fulano

Glenn Barkley in Boca Raton Museum of Art Exhibition

November 7, 2017/by Fulano

Linda Lopez in She Explores Blog

September 28, 2017/by Frances Trombly
Jennifer Lefort. Reset Restart, 2017.

Jennifer Lefort in Blouin Artinfo

September 19, 2017/by Frances Trombly
Einar and Jamex de la Torre. The Flaunting of Youth, 2016

Einar and Jamex De la Torre in How to Read El Pato Pascual: Disney’s Latin America and Latin America’s Disney

September 14, 2017/by Frances Trombly

Linda Lopez featured in Juxtapoz

September 4, 2017/by Frances Trombly

A conversation with Hudgens Prize finalist Jiha Moon

August 7, 2017/by Frances Trombly

Juana Valdes in Relational Undercurrents at MOLAA

August 1, 2017/by Frances Trombly
David Hicks: Clippings and Hard Fruit

David Hicks Explores the Liminal Space Between Us + Our World

July 26, 2017/by Frances Trombly
David Hicks: Clippings and Hard Fruit

Progressive Brunch

June 19, 2017/by Fulano
Osamu Kobayashi. Smile, 2017

Osamu Kobayashi: 2017 Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program Awardee

June 6, 2017/by Fulano

Mindy Solomon artists featured in

May 18, 2017/by Frances Trombly

José Manual Mesías at Factoría Habana

May 16, 2017/by Fulano

Andrew Casto: Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize 2017 Shortlist

May 12, 2017/by Fulano

Mindy Solomon Gallery in Wallpaper*

May 12, 2017/by Frances Trombly

7 Stunning Objects You Might Have Missed at Collective Design

May 5, 2017/by Fulano
Linda Lopez. Untitled (Black Dust Furry), 2016.

The Abstract Domestic: Linda Lopez Sculptures

April 14, 2017/by Fulano
Linda Lopez. Porcelain Furry with Gold Lint #2, 2017

Linda Lopez in Juxtapoz

April 14, 2017/by Frances Trombly

Revelatory Dérive

April 5, 2017/by Fulano

Jennifer Lefort: Whenever Forever at Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami

April 5, 2017/by Fulano

Material Catch and Celebrating Opposites

March 10, 2017/by Fulano
Dominique Labauvie installation at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Ten Best Art Galleries in Little Haiti

March 8, 2017/by Frances Trombly
Dominique Labauvie. Cloud 9, 2016.

Dominique Labauvie’s Material Catch featured in Wall Street International Magazine

February 22, 2017/by Frances Trombly

“An Inherent View of the World” by Juana Valdes acquired by Perez Art Museum, Miami

February 1, 2017/by Frances Trombly
Ali Smith. Relic, 2016

Ali Smith featured at Carnegie Art Museum

December 22, 2016/by Frances Trombly
Jiha Moon. El sueño del viajero, 2014

Atlanta’s 2016 Artadia Award winner Jiha Moon

November 4, 2016/by Frances Trombly
Linda Lopez. Grey Dust Furry #2, 2017

Linda Lopez Featured in Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

October 3, 2016/by Frances Trombly
Jennifer Lefort. Other Ways- If Only, 2017.

Mindy Solomon at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair

September 29, 2016/by Frances Trombly

Ernesto Garcia Sanchez in Miami New Times

September 20, 2016/by Frances Trombly

Mindy Solomon Gallery in Ocean Drive

August 12, 2016/by Frances Trombly
José Manuel Mesías. My father can walk on water, my sister and I cannot, 2010

Los dobleces de la historia: Geandy Pavón y José Manuel Mesías

June 3, 2016/by Frances Trombly
Jeremy Chandler. Self-Immolation Test, 2015

Jeremy Chandler’s Spotted at First Light at Mindy Solomon Gallery

March 19, 2016/by Frances Trombly

Dominique Labauvie Series Featured in New Prints

February 24, 2016/by Frances Trombly

Mindy Solomon in Moving Image NY featuring artist Jeremy Chandler

February 19, 2016/by Frances Trombly
Linda Lopez. Someone's Devil, 2015.

Mindy Solomon at Volta NY with new works by Linda Lopez

February 19, 2016/by Frances Trombly

Visiones del mundo a través de los ojos del arte

December 13, 2015/by Frances Trombly

Miami’s Art Scene Turns to Little Haiti as Wynwood Rents Rise

November 30, 2015/by Frances Trombly
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